The idea of Hero Clean started a few years ago with an innocent run to the grocery store for laundry detergent.  After trying in vain to find one that didn’t smell offensively sweet or floral – it dawned on me that nothing in the cleaning products aisle was created with guys in mind.

Guys have their own deodorants, shampoos, razors, even diet colas – but for cleaning their gear and homes?  Nothing.  It seems that the major cleaning products companies feel that what is good enough for our mothers’ stuff, is just fine for ours.  Seems a little retro to us. Nothing against the traditional lifestyle, but things have changed a bit around here.

Currently, in the US, there are more single men than ever before – 47% of the adult male population to be exact. More men are sharing chores. More men are buying groceries. Layer in how different guys actually are – sweat, odor, stains and messes – it’s time for a cleaning product line that smells the way guys would like it to smell, looks the way guys would want it to look, and has the technology to handle all the manly odor, stains and messes we can throw at it.

Nobody else seemed interested in creating it, so a few of us decided to build it ourselves…and Hero Clean was born.

Single, married, dads, sons and the roommates. Hero Clean is the household cleaning line we built for all the guys out there.

Give it a shot. We think you’ll like it…