Cleaning Solutions for Guys

Gentlemen, finally, there is an alternative to pastel colored, fruity, flowery products that do a half-assed job of getting things clean.

Solution: Hero Clean Laundry Detergent uses cutting edge cleaning technology to completely remove sweat odor from your clothes, while the Odor Eliminator Spray is ideal for the items you can’t throw in the wash [think car interior, 10 year-old couch, and workout gear that has never left your gym bag].

With a juniper-scent and sleek packaging, our products were made with guys in mind. Oh, and we donate a percentage of profits to Veteran and First Responder organizations to make Hero Clean the easy choice.

Hero Clean in Action


  • I ordered a bottle of the Hero Clean Dish & Hand Soap week before last, it came in last week and it has done an outstanding job!!! It works way better than Dawn Dishwashing Liquid when it comes to getting rid of grease and tomato stains from my plastic storage containers, smells great and absolutely no complaints here! The laundry detergent is also outstanding, can’t wait to try the odor eliminator and the general cleaner sprays.

    Bill S.
  • This stuff is great for men who want a fresh manly smell for their laundry. I’m a big fan.

    E. Vanduyn