Hacks for 1st Responders

Does the firehouse look and smell like it should be declared its own disaster? Do you want to spend your time fighting crime, not fighting grime?

Solution: Our Laundry Detergent is safe for fire-resistant and Teflon-coated materials and the Odor Eliminator is ideal for equipment that can’t be thrown in the wash like helmets and boots — both great products to remove smoke odor and keep the station smelling fresh & clean.

Firehouses, ambulances and police stations have a lot of surfaces — Hero Clean’s All Purpose Cleaner is all you need to handle them. It cuts through grease, won’t leave streaks and isn’t sticky or slippery.

Hero Clean in Action


  • Awesome products that smell great without smelling like your standing in a field of flowers. The right products for the job we do.

    Chief Miller