Solutions for Sports Moms

Is your son or daughter a year-round athlete?
Are you afraid to go into your teenager’s room?
Does the smell of their laundry bring tears to your eyes?

Solution: Get the sweat odor out of clothes, towels, and sheets by pre-treating all fabrics with our Odor Eliminator before washing with our Laundry Detergent. For gear you can’t throw in the wash, like sports equipment and shoes, spray with the Odor Eliminator and let dry.

Odor is eliminated, rather than temporarily neutralized. Hero Clean makes it safe to hug your kids, bring the hockey bag inside and even go into their rooms again. 

Hero Clean in Action


  • I tried this on Meredith’s from That’s Inappropriate recommendation too but something surprising happened. I went to a concert and bought a lovely pink tank top. One of my boys got blood on the back of it. I did not notice until laundry day. I figured that it had quickly become my most expensive house shirt. I put a little Hero Clean detergent on the spots and threw it in the washer. To my astonishment, it took out the dried blood. Shirt saved and I LOVE the scent.

    Carrie L.
  • Just purchased some laundry soap from Target (Husband found on the shelf) a few days ago and I have to say I am impressed! We are a household of smelly gals, boys, men, a toddler and dogs, and everything so far washed smells great! It’s not overly masculine but gets the smell and stains out! Thank you for supporting our Veterans! Keep up the great work!

    Felicia I.