The Year of Household Minimalism

household minimalism

Minimalism is a lifestyle trend that has made waves in recent years, affecting the way we shop by causing us to pause before bringing a new possession into the house. But today’s version of minimalism isn’t the standard “less is more” approach. Instead, it requires that we question why we buy what we buy and whether the purchase will bring any amount of joy, satisfaction, or relief to our lives. If it will, then proceed. If it won’t, then leave it be. 

Today’s minimalism isn’t reserved just for self-proclaimed bloggers. For those of us that lead Target-shopping, home-owning lives, Joshua Becker of “Becoming Minimalists” outlines what how typical suburban families can escape excessive consumerism. Essentially, it’s a matter of quality over quantity and we’re here for it. We say “we” because our very existence as a brand is a challenge to the mindset that accompanies excessive consumerism. Look at any other household cleaning product on the market. How long have they been there? Do they provide the solution they promise? Do you even know why you throw it in the basket? 

Let’s take it back to the 90’s for reference. At that point in time, it was completely acceptable to collect empty boxes and have extensive credit card debt attached to your name. Back then, we all immediately ran out to buy the supposed latest and greatest from market leaders because owning mass amounts of crap was a status symbol. But after a decade of being told, “You need this” and promptly being disappointed by the lack of results — a lot of us are over it.  

As advocates of quality over quantity, we admit that you don’t actually need to purchase multiple products for the same task. As advocates of quality over quantity, we vow to maintain the integrity of your clothes, rather than slowly destroy them with each wash. As advocates of quality over quantity, we stress taking care of your gear, rather than tossing it out after each season.

We created a line of household cleaning products that outperforms those market leaders (who are just now realizing that their formulas are seriously behind). We use cutting-edge technology, allowing you to clean more effectively and spend less time researching which cleaner to use on what surface and devote more attention to the things that bring you joy and satisfaction.

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