Odor Eliminator for Everything

Every household has odor concerns — whether the smell stems from body odor or something festering in the garbage can — it’s an issue with which we’re all familiar. Our natural response is to fight back by purchasing a variety of products that make big promises. The problem is, these products just temporarily mask the issue in the form of an overpowering floral scent. The root cause of the odor isn’t addressed and returns in the amount of time it takes a fan to whisk away the attempt. Our solution? The only household cleaning product to effectively attack both the odor and the bacteria that causes it. Here’s how our Odor Eliminator works. 

The Technology 

First, our patented Odor Defeater Technology™ neutralizes odor at the source by creating a barrier around it, no matter if it stems from your garbage or your shoes. This replaces the odor with a fresh and clean scent — rather than something flowery or chemical. Meanwhile, Probiotic Microbes lead the charge on bacteria by depriving it of its food source, and as a result, the bacteria die. Without a food source, the surface, garment, etc, also all become an inhospitable environment for bacteria to thrive. The Probiotics prevent the return of the bacteria, meaning that your clothes, shoes, and gym gear will smell even better as time passes!

How to Use

This aspect couldn’t be more simple. For washable items, we recommend the OE spray as an odor pre-treatment before throwing it into the washing machine. Spray, let sit overnight, then wash regularly.  This is perfect for moisture-wicking gear, uniforms, towels, or anything that typically continues to hold odor despite being freshly washed. To ensure these items get the attention they deserve, keep a bottle of OE in your laundry basket and spray items down as you toss them in. This also prevents your hamper from becoming a source of home odor! 

For household items or athletic gear that can’t be washed, spray between uses to keep odor in control, and bacteria from taking hold.  The longer the Probiotic Microbes have to go to work before wearing or using again, the better — 72 hours is ideal. We also suggest spraying new items before using to prevent bacteria growth and resulting odor in the first place! The list of items and/or fabrics to use the Odor Eliminator on continues to grow, the most common being…


We love receiving feedback from newly converted Hero Clean users, which occasionally includes new items the Odor Eliminator has worked its magic on — like welding gear or firefighter helmets. If you’d like to share a story of your own, send us an email at hey@hero-clean.com! 

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