Ultimate Stain Fighting & Odor Eliminating Duo

stain fighting odor eliminating duo

Are your laundry products delivering as promised? Have you been forced to lower your expectations?  We were built to both deliver and help keep your expectations high. Our Liquid Laundry Detergent + Odor Eliminator duo was built to tackle both your casual and hardcore stains and odor to keep your routine effective – and simple.

We like to say that Hero Clean is made for those who live extreme.  But we all live two lives. Sometimes you take it easy and lounge on the couch – somehow managing to always dribble some sort of sauce down the front of your shirt. At times like these, we want you to know, with confidence, that this shirt can be saved and that you did not just ruin another Whitesnake t-shirt.  

In our second lives, we’re doing things. In the field, covered in every single one of earth’s elements. On the job, wiping greasy palms down the front of your pants or wrestling a spaghetti covered toddler into the bath. Whatever that job is, you’re working up a serious sweat and acquiring numerous stains in the process. And while you don’t necessarily expect your work gear to make it out unscathed it would be really nice to hang onto it for a bit longer and be able to actually clean it. This is when we call on our duo because this is exactly what they were made for.

 Our 5-in-1 Laundry Detergent features Odor Defeater™ Technology plus 7 powerful stain-fighting enzymes.  Nobody else has that many. Whether you’re trying to defeat serious grime or a salsa stain, there’s magic in the bottle ready to get it all out. For the harshest of harsh odors, you can add in our Odor Eliminator spray as a bit of an insurance policy for ridding yourself of sweat odor. We should be so lucky for it to be so easy to get rid of our in-laws!

Here’s how to maximize the Hero Clean 1-2 punch:

  1. Spray down the item with Hero Clean Odor Eliminator.

  2. Lay or hang item to dry and let it be.

  3. Blot liquid laundry detergent directly on any severe stains.

  4. Wash normally with the liquid laundry detergent or pacs.

  5. Dance on the graves of the stains and odor.

The Odor Eliminator will also become your saving grace to use in-between washes (because sometimes the world “needs” you in a specific shirt and you don’t have time to wash it!), while the Liquid Laundry Detergent will continue to impress with its stain removing power and subtle, fresh & clean scent. 

 We urge you to live life to its fullest — to roll down grassy hills every chance you have, fling yourself in mud pits and continue to wear white while eating a fully-loaded hotdog. We assure you, the resulting stain and/or smell is just temporary – like the warm weather in Chicago. Let us prove it to you! Find Hero Clean near you. 

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