3 Areas Our All-Purpose Cleaner Dominates

Folks don’t seem to be taking our cleaning products seriously — or at least not literally. We frequently receive questions asking if the All-Purpose Cleaner, or APC as we like to call it, is safe to use on real wood, or if it’s meant to be a glass cleaner, or how it does with car...
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DIY Tips For Washing Your Car

The exterior of your car is a lot like your skin. It’s takes a beating from rain, wind, and mud. It’s also similar in that if you don’t clean it, people notice you for all the wrong reasons. Here are some quick and easy tips to have your car looking fly. Supplies There is a...
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Hero Tips For Moving

Moving is one of those things that’s fun to think about, but actually doing the work is miserable. You always forget where you packed your toothbrush and which box has the pots and pans. Unless you hire a moving company, the weight is on your shoulders… yours and whichever friends you bribed with beer to...
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DIY Tips for the Garage

You call it the garage. Others might look and call it your junkyard. Or abandoned tool shed. Or construction site. Or horrible spider den. You pick. They’re probably only exaggerating a little. It might be just a bit stained with grease and mud, or it might be a total mess of boxes, tools and toys....
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