3 Areas Our All-Purpose Cleaner Dominates

Folks don’t seem to be taking our cleaning products seriously — or at least not literally. We frequently receive questions asking if the All-Purpose Cleaner, or APC as we like to call it, is safe to use on real wood, or if it’s meant to be a glass cleaner, or how it does with car...
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6 Ways Hero Clean Beats the Competition

6 Reasons to spend some extra time looking at your options in the cleaning aisle: 1. Technology All of our products contain our patented Odor Defeater™ Technology, which ensures our products do more than just temporarily mask bad odor with a heavy floral scent. Instead, the odor molecules are surrounded and neutralized. However, the technology...
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10 Household Cleaning Hacks

When you set out to build a modern line of cleaning products — you first have to understand the common types of stains, odors, and messes faced by the average household and some of the wild lengths people go to trying to deal with them. Mike Eaton, CEO & Founder of Hero Clean, has seen...
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4 House Cleaning Products You Need

We created a line of modern household cleaning products to solve multiple problems; from a lack of options for guys, products that did little more than temporarily mask odor with an overpowering scent, and to stop the insanity!  You don’t need a zillion products to clean your house, garage, office etc. To make our point,...
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