10 Household Cleaning Hacks

When you set out to build a modern line of cleaning products — you first have to understand the common types of stains, odors, and messes faced by the average household and some of the wild lengths people go to trying to deal with them. Mike Eaton, CEO & Founder of Hero Clean, has seen...
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Hero Tips For Weeknight Meals

The New Year is coming in hot. It’s time to get yourself together and eat like a grown man. During a busy week it’s easy to grab fast food a couple nights in a row. Not only does that add up in your wallet, it adds up around your stomach. It’s also time to start...
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Hero Clean Gift Guide

 Many men of great courage tremble at the thought of giving a gift. Giving is more than just handing someone a wrapped box. You’re hoping that whoever opens it will actually appreciate whatever it is you got them. That feeling you get when you open your crazy aunt’s present to find a scratchy, wool sweater...
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3 Ways To Prepare Fish At Home

Fish is like whiskey. It’s an acquired taste. After a while you get to appreciate the subtle nuances in the different kinds. Preparing fish isn’t as easy as tossing burgers on the grill, either. You’ve got to pay more attention to make sure you don’t undercook or overcook the meal. Also, unlike red meat, fish...
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